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By lemaster 29 Dec, 2015

A very common question that is often asked is, "How big is a tennis court?" or "How big is a basketball court?”

Whether you are building the backyard basketball court of your dreams of deciding on a design for a volley ball court, the size and dimensions are always very important. All fields have different layouts and measurements depending on the type of court you are planning to build.

To figure out how much space is needed for your court you need to consider to whole picture. How much space do you have, and how far would the court be from your house or property lines.

By lemaster 29 Dec, 2015

What kind of maintenance should I be doing to my court?

Because there are many different court types, there are different maintenance procedures for each type of court. R.S. Site and Sports offers maintenance programs for all types of courts.

Hard Courts are typically built with a asphalt or concrete base. These courts can be coated with standard acrylic coatings or with various types of cushion systems. Whether there is a cushion system or not they are almost always coated with acrylic paint. These surfaces should be kept clean from dirt and debris at all times. Regular sweeping or blowing is recommended. We also recommend power washing annually keep court looking and performing as good as possible

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